The Lads

The Lads (fr. left) – Lennox Randon, Rob Cline, Dennis Green

There would be no “Traveler,” if not for Rob Cline and Lennox Randon, who invited me to join their writing group a couple of years ago. We meet weekly to read and critique each other’s work.

I know… “writers’ group, how original.” But I am someone who needs a deadline to be productive, and not being the guy to show up for group with no new pages works for me as motivation.

Read about our group in the Cedar Rapids Gazette story, “Writing On Deadline.”

Rob and Randon have both written great novels. Find out more about them below.

“Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers” by Lennox Randon

“Murder By The Slice” by Rob Cline

The Lads

Randon, Rob and I appeared on IPR's Talk of Iowa in June 2013.

Randon, Rob and I appeared on IPR’s Talk of Iowa in June 2013. Listen.