Traveler Gets a Publisher!

I am pleased to announce that my sci-fi novel, "Traveler," has been acquired by Mbedzi Publishing, and will come out in October!Mbedzi, owned by Karen Matibe, is based in Texas. They are a dynamic and creative independent publisher, whose authors have won several national book awards. One of their books, "Hade's Gambit," is co-written by …


Wave Bye-Bye to Waste Bins

I predict that a consequence of the horrific Boston bombing will be a change in how we dispose of stuff in public places and at public events. Trash cans are about to disappear, or radically change.We visited London last fall, where our son Alex was studying abroad. Walking to the Tube one morning, I looked …

Disadvantages of Technology

In the days before electronic communication, you would be disappointed once a day when a highly anticipated piece of mail failed to appear.Now, you get to be crushed every time your Inbox rings.