Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

Amazon achieves a 66.667% success rate in suggestions of books I might like by The Writing Lads. Not sure who this Denman fellow is, but there is no way he is as cool as Lennox Randon.


Glorious, Green Dolphin Food

The first stage role I ever played was in "Oliver!" when I was twelve. As such, the songs from that production are burned into my mind like a permanent brand.So, there's this jazz standard that I always thought sounded like "Food, Glorious Food" from that musical. You've probably heard it. It's "On Green Dolphin Street," …

The Music of Traveler

Several readers have asked about the music of Traveler. Some of the songs referenced in the book are pretty well known, others less so. For your listening pleasure (perhaps while reading the book!), here is a YouTube playlist of some of Trav's favorite tunes.